Grown under Section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill, we offer the finest federally compliant hemp available in the industry. Our seedlings have a DEA permit to import the seeds from Australia to Kentucky. our eight generation tobacco experts have been farming hemp for five years.

Our products are lab tested three times prior to sale. We verify all levels of quality control at every step from seed to the final product.


The 2014 Farm Bill made it possible for the legal growing of hemp for educational and research purposes. Section 7606, a two-page portion of this House approved bill titled, “Legitimacy of Industrial Hemp Research” provision is key. This section establishes a supremacy to any other federal law. In summary it reads “the industrial hemp is grown or cultivated for purposes of research conducted under an agricultural pilot program or other agricultural or academic research;” (and) “the growing or cultivating of industrial hemp is allowed under the laws of the State in which such institution of higher education or State department of agriculture is located and such research occurs.” (GPO.gov, 2014)


As a result of having a high level of certification and import permit from the DEA, we have the capability of legally transferring the proprietary genetics to the USA from Australia.

Section 7606 of the Farm Bill 2014 states that regardless of any other federal law, if the growing and cultivation is allowed under a state which has approved a hemp pilot program.

4/25/18 Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed the House Bill 2913. State Department of Agriculture and educational research.


Products offered by Web Wellness Health are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and should not be used in diagnosing, treating and preventing disease. Web Wellness Health cannot provide recommendations pertaining to hemp-derived extracts in the treatment of diseases as there are currently limited amounts of research data and clinical evidence. We suggest you visit this NAS published report pertaining to recent evidence in cannabis analysis.