At Web Wellness Health, we adhere to strict high-quality control in every step from seed to shelf. All of our products are 100% free of harmful chemicals, herbicides and pesticides.


  • Our immense cultivars and seed banks initiate our strict conforms. Our remarkable proprietary seeds are built upon over 20 years of analysis on the finest seed varieties.
  • We have set a precedence in the natural farming processes of our proprietary seeds in our Kentucky facility. Our products never contain chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides.
  • As soon as our proprietary crops are harvested, the raw materials are then processed at our Kentucky site, one of the world’s most cutting edge facility and laboratory. We are extremely confident in our products and facility, we regularly host tours consisting of doctors, business owners and researchers. If you are interested in one of our tours, please contact us today! Due to capacity limitations, we host individual consumers for a couple events throughout the year.
  • We utilize internal and external labs for quality control and thorough testing for consistency. Our emphasis relies on quality. Most products in the CBD and hemp industry are imported and therefore may not adhere to the rigorous processes in quality control.
  • Our highest-quality products are packaged and then delivered to a variety of distributors, such as pharmacists, whole food markets, doctors/ practitioners and other retailers.